The Universal Energy Healing is an amazing and extremely effective process to enhance Healing, which is experienced with astonishment by "givers" and "receivers" alike.

       We are proud to be able to introduce some of the fundamental aspects of the Universal Healing Method to India. There are currently more than 3 million   practioners in the world and 70 centers all over the world.
Why is the method spreading so fast?

Anybody can learn the technique after 14 years of age. The technique is quick, efficient and very easy to use.

We offer this method to all people without any discrimination in regard of color race, religion, sex, politics.

After our basic course, you can transfer Energy and the service is totally free of charge.

Healing session are not more than 5 minutes per day and per person.

The short sessions enable therapists to send out Energy to many people a day.

The transfers of Energy are free of charge.

The results are beeing shown quickly.

The Universal Energy practioner is able to feel the patient energy needs and therefore will transfer Energy accordingly

It does not require any special diet control.

The technique is helping other conventional medicine or medical treatment
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