Conditions with successful with this course

- You need to come with a clear and open mind.
- Be prepared to practice the technique everyday for a few minutes.
- Be ready to study it.
- Have enough discipline to practice the technique every day.
A. Basic Course

Description: This class is designed with the focus to help the student to gain a general understanding about the benefits of the Breathing Exercise or Yoga Meditation, about the effects of the Activating Chakras (or Major Nerve Points) on the body and about the ability to direct the flow of Universal Energy. The training program includes a lecture on the locations/functions of the Chakras and the method of Breathing Exercise in Universal Energy Healing Practice. In addition, the class also covers the healing method and preventive technique based on the theories of Universal Energy Healing. The participants will learn about the capability and applications of the Chakra 6 (C6) in the technique of Spinning Chakras. At this level, the participants start to develop the ability to mentally direct the energy to stimulate the Chakras on their body. It is a preventive method for the practitioner who is healthy, or it can help to improve the chance of recovery for the practitioner who has a physical problem.

During the Basic Course the participant will:
       - Learn a new concept of meditation for self-realization.
       - Understand Chakras, energy centres of transformation.
       - Activate the Chakras.
       - Explore the spiritual healing: an energy complementary new art based on compassionate intention.
       - Learn to be focused for developing the mind power.
       - Spin the Chakras: technique and purpose.
       - Restore physical and emotional health. 
       - Transfer energy to family and friends.
       - Be able to feel the energetic needs of another person and transfer energy accordingly... and much more ...
Course Information
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