B. The Intermediate Course (First Part)

Description:  The participants will learn the technique of healing by using C6 or sometimes it is referred to as "psycho-energetic healing" and the functions of the pineal and pituitary glands in the human brain. At this level, the healing capacity of each participant is enhanced to pass beyond the limitation of time/space. Depending on the demand and condition, the practitioner can either lay hands to transmit the energy to promote healing or he/she can use C6 to heal someone remotely. Regardless of the time and the client can be in the same city or in another country, there is no problem, and the practitioner can effectively use his/her C6 to promote healing.The participants learn more about the applications of C6 in healing and practice. Furthermore, there is class discussion on some basic topics that involve the research studies in the field of spirituality. This Level is building on the experience and applications each participant has obtained till now especially on the ability to use C6. Prof. Dr. Sir Luong Minh Dang or an instructor, authorized by Prof. Dr. Luong, teaches this class. The participants learns a better healing method through the practice with the Pyramids that includes many formulas for applying the capacities to receive/transmit psycho-energetic waves on many different aspects that can range from preventing/healing physical ailments to research experiments on the effects of Universal Energy on agriculture, weather, environment, etc. Also, the participants will learn other topics related to spiritual development.

C. The Intermediate Course (Second Part)

Description: Studying and practicing the 3-sided Pyramids in Universal Energy Spiritual Philosophy. Using a new technique for healing, practicing with the Antenna Model, and learning about a new mediation exercise are the programs of the Intermediate Level 2. After finishing each Course, the student will have a Certificate of Completion.

The next course will be directly taught by Mr Dang himself.
Course Information
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