Is Mankind Enlightenment Love a religion?

No, Mankind Enlightenment Love is not a religion. It is a healing method. As a Universal Energy (UE) practitioner, one does not have to give up his/her own original religion belief. 
Who qualifies to attend the Mankind Enlightenment Love seminar training?

Anyone of the age of 14 or older is qualified to attend the M.E.L. Seminar training, regardless of nationality, religion belief, social background, etc.
What is the purpose of the the UE practitioners providing free healing?

The healing ability that the UE practitioners acquires is a free gift from God. when they decide to share this gift with anyone else, then it should be done freely with their compassionate Love, without expecting anything in return. 
What are the illnesses that Universal Energy healing method can help with?

Based on the past 10 years of official and unofficial data, the Universal Energy healing method has helped in cases of illnesses such as cancer, drug addiction, cigarette addiction, insomnia, multiple personality problem, high blood pressure, diabetics, and many others. The UE method has yielded very encouraging results. Additional research is being done.
What is so unique about this Mankind Enlightenment Love method compared with other healing-by-touch methods?

There are quite a few effective healing-by-touch methods available. What is so unique about the Mankind Enlightenment Love method is that it takes care of two very important aspects of humanity; in life and in spirituality. In life, it helps UE practitioners maintain their personal health, and the health of others. Above all, the technique is very quick to learn, to use and to practice ( no more than 5 minutes per day at basic level) and less from higher levels on. 

Prof. Dr. Sir Luong Minh Dang has designed a Training Program for the participants to follow through each level to have the Chakras activated and have the opportunity to practice in order to grasp the dynamic and significant benefits of this teaching.
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