You have heard about Human and Universal Energy and wish to learn more about it? Here are a few things you should know before enrolling for a course or for your own personal knowledge.

What is Human and Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is the unending Love of God, which fills the whole universe and all life on Earth. We need this energy to live and stay healthy.

Universe = Energy

With the discoveries of modern physics, we are now starting to perceive the universe as a huge energy field: in fact, our physical universe is not made out of matter but of a kind of force or essence called Energy.

From a physical point of view, we are representing energy - inside as well as all around us all is energy. We are all forming an integral part of an Energy Field. Universal Energy Healing also represent Energy but in a more subtle and lighter form.
  • The Universal Energy method is a method of better-health.
  • It consists of balancing our energy body in return it is balancing our physical body's energy sources by compensating in areas where there is a lack.
  • It's aim is to enable the organism to grow stronger and to enable it to regulate it's own problems, or to prevent them.
  • A stronger organism which is energetically balanced, will bring the person a greater feeling of well being and will enable him/her to lead a happier and healthier life.
  • The short sessions enable therapists to send out Energy to many people a day.
Aim of this method
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